About us

Our philosophy is reliability. As a prerequisite for long-term success, our goal is to develop correct and good relationship with our partners and consumers.

At the moment our company is the largest saisonal figures manufacturer in the Romanian market.

Chocopack was founded in 2008 as a Romanian-Hungarian venture in Sfantu Gheorghe - Jud. Covasna, based on the Romanian partner’s more than a decade commercial experience and the Hungarian partner’s 25-year professional knowledge and international experience.

At the beginning, our products were available only on the Romanian market, the factory worked with 10-12 employees, but soon the company went through a huge development.

After the increase of figures’ production our offer was completed with a wide range of seasonal products. Today the ChocoPack figures,christmas pralines and different present-packages are well known at home (in Romania) and abroad.

As a result of newer and newer equipments and production-lines, presently our products are almost 100% machine-wrapped.

Beside seasonal products, in the near future we would like to develop our offer with high quality daily goods.

The majority of our products are exported mainly to the surrounding countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic), but we plan to reach remote markets e.g. in Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Brazil.

It is important for us to offer high quality and delicious sweets therefore we increased not only the production volume but the process itself is certified by international quality assurance system.

ISO 9001:2008 - ISO 22000:2005

 •  Echipa Choco Pack.

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